Simply Effective Tattoo Aftercare

Regardless of how many tattoos you have, getting a new tattoo is an exciting process.  The art, the planning, the excitement of everything coming together for the perfect design… there’s no better feeling.  Keep in mind that when you walk out of a tattoo shop, your tattoo is not yet done. The tattoo healing process is just beginning.

Tattoo aftercare and healing are just as important as choosing the right design and artist for your tattoo. Without proper tattoo aftercare, the entire process could be ruined due to scabs, infection, scarring, distortion, loss of color, and more.  There are many error-prone instructions for tattoo aftercare, and all of them are time-consuming, tedious, and messy.  However, with the help of Saniderm, tattoo aftercare and healing has never been easier or more effective.

Tattoos with Saniderm

Common Tattoo Aftercare Problems

Saniderm is a thin transparent adhesive that allows your skin to heal your tattoo in the most optimal way possible without the hassle or worries of traditional tattoo aftercare. Learn more about how Saniderm eliminates many of these worries and complicated processes typically associated with tattoo aftercare.

Common Aftercare VS Saniderm Aftercare


The absolute last thing you want for your tattoo is an infection.  Your fresh tattoo is an open wound and should be treated like one.  It is constantly at risk of dirt, germs, and other factors that lead to infection.  An infected tattoo is a serious health risk, extremely painful, and will destroy your new tattoo.

Saniderm Protects Against Infection

Saniderm’s sanitary bandage creates an impenetrable barrier between your tattoo and the outside world. It’ll keep out dirt, bacteria, and any other factor that could lead to an infection. When you place a Saniderm bandage over your tattoo, you’ll have not only complete protection, but also complete peace of mind.

Scabbing & Peeling

A perfect tattoo’s worst enemy is the scabbing and nasty peeling that happens during healing. Scabbing can reduce color, lead to scars, and distort your new artwork, and picking off scabs is disastrous. No matter how careful you are, accidents happen and torn off scabs result in scars and holes in your tattoo that need to be touched up.

Saniderm Prevents Scabs

The best way to guarantee a perfect tattoo is to prevent scabs from ever forming. Saniderm’s advanced bandage technology allows your skin to breath, while retaining the moisture and enzymes it needs in order to heal without any scabs. This scab-free healing process will ensure that your tattoo heals flawlessly without a single scar, while at the same time completely eliminating any peeling.

Slower Heal Times

You want to show off your new tattoo as quickly as possible, but nobody wants to see a bleeding, weeping, or scabbed over tattoo. Unfortunately, it can take a long time for your tattoo to fully heal and traditional healing methods don’t provide your tattoo with the optimal healing environment. An exposed tattoo will dry up and scab, even with lotions. Studies show that this scabbing slows down the regenerative process, resulting in longer healing times.

Saniderm Cuts Heal Time in Half

With Saniderm you’ll be able to show off your new fully healed artwork even sooner, and customers who use Saniderm properly report complete healing in 3-7 days. For optimal healing your tattoo needs oxygen and moisture. Saniderm’s breathable material keeps your skin’s natural powerful healing agents, called autolysins, locked in and working to repair your skin better and faster. By continually keeping your tattoo moist with these healing enzymes, your tattoo can heal twice as fast as a tattoo that is left exposed and able to dry.

Faded Colors

A newly inked tattoo is spectacularly vivid with bright colors and dark blacks. However during the aftercare process, traditional lotions and ointments can quickly dull the coloring of your tattoo by pulling the ink out of your skin. This results in faded colors and a lackluster tattoo.

Saniderm Enhances Color

Saniderm keeps your tattoo vivid with brighter colors and darker blacks by eliminating the need for lotions and ointments. Its special adhesive will not adhere to the weeping area of your tattoo, so it won’t ever damage or pull out the ink. Heal your tattoo to be vibrant and beautiful with Saniderm.

Simplify Your Tattoo Aftercare Experience

Showering or Bathing

Direct water pressure or soaking your tattoo in water can damage or infect your tattoo, and often brings burning pain. Depending on where your tattoo is located, keeping your tattoo out of water and keeping your personal hygiene is tough. While a new tattoo should turn heads, your smell shouldn’t turn stomachs.

Saniderm is Waterproof

Saniderm is waterproof and will stay securely on you even when wet. You’ll be able to shower and bathe just like you normally would. A Saniderm bandage can withstand water, soap, and mild scrubbing. Saniderm keeps your tattoo protected while you stay clean and presentable.

Inconvenient and Messy Care

Traditional tattoo aftercare is a time intensive, tedious and messy process. In order to heal optimally, your tattoo needs to stay clean and moist. You’ll need to wash your tattoo with antibacterial soap and then apply a messy lotion or ointment continually throughout the day in order to keep it moist.

Saniderm eliminates extra time or the Mess

Saniderm gives you back the time you would have spent washing and applying lotions and ointments by removing the process altogether, and preventing the mess. Saniderm’s breathable material keeps your tattoo moist and clean without the extra time and mess for a truly effective aftercare.

Staining and Painful Irritation

If you’ve gotten a tattoo before, you know that an exposed tattoo will get blood and ink stains everywhere. Your exposed tattoo easily stains your clothes, bed sheets, and other fabrics. In addition to being stained, clothing can rub on your tattoo causing irritation and pain and ripping off scabs that can scar and damage your tattoo.

Saniderm Saves Your Clothes

Wearing a Saniderm bandage protects your sheets, precious clothing, and other fabrics from being stained by your new tattoo. It also protects your tattoo from the pain and irritation of tight fitting clothing. So you’ll be able to wear what you want, when you want without stains, irritation or damage.

Complicated Tattoo Aftercare Instructions

There are countless opinions and instructions out there for tattoo aftercare. All of these instructions are complicated, tedious, and error prone. It’s hard to know which tattoo aftercare treatment will be the best for you. Even if you follow the instructions to the letter, it can still result in a tattoo that is damaged or not as you originally imagined.

Saniderm is Easy and Simple to Use

Saniderm cuts out all the time consuming research and tedious care with just a few simple steps that work every time. Just apply Saniderm immediately after getting your tattoo and replace it the day after. Since it’s designed to be breathable, you won’t have to change it more than once, and you’ll be fully healed in a few days. That’s it. You’ll get the absolute best in tattoo aftercare without the time or effort.

Saniderm is the solution for Tattoo Aftercare

Once your tattoo is finished, your tattoo artist’s job is done. It’s now up to you to take care of your tattoo. Your tattoo will typically take between 10-14 days to heal. However, it can really take as long as a month to completely heal. What you do immediately after getting your tattoo will affect how it looks for the rest of your life. For a hassle free tattoo aftercare process, Saniderm is one of the most fool-proof and effortless ways to ensure that your tattoo heals as perfectly and quickly as possible.